Margaret Kyle
Acrylic, Watercolor, Portraits

The Year of the Hoarfrost -- seeing with new eyes 2

Watercolour on cradled panel

12 x 24 inches

Not for Sale

I wanted to express the wonder I felt during the Januray hoarfrost as I went for my morning walks in the woods above our home. Every twig, grass spear, and pine needle was covered by white crystals. The hoarfrost transformed the forest into a magical land that was breathtaking. The transformation made me realize that each twig, grass spear, and pine needle always holds that mystery and beauty if we but look with new eyes. Watercolour seemed like the perfect medium to paint this winter wonderland because of its transparent qualities and utilization of the white paper. Subtle values are achieved with variagated washes, glazing, negative painting, softening of edges, and scraping or lifting of pigment. Backruns and frost-like textures are created when the watery mixtures of pigment touch each other. The addition of salt and spays of water in some areas also add to these frost-like textures. The dark areas of trees and branches under the crystals cause the lighter areas of frost to come forward and “pop” out. The result is a loose, undetailed expression of the hoarfrost environment.

The Year of the Hoarfrost -- seeing with new eyes 2